... and what is Marc Ambinder biased towards?

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The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder writes:

Military ballots are being tossed in Fairfax Co, VA because of a "technicality." Not a lot of them compared to the size of the electorate, but more than a few.


Democrats insist they're biased towards access... so will they try to intervene on behalf of these voters?

Of course, another way to look at it would be: "Republicans insist they're biased towards the rule of law ... so will they support the rejection of these ballots?"

But Ambinder didn't raise that question.

It probably doesn't surprise anyone to see either party take whichever position on "technicalities" they think will help them win. After all, they're trying to win. But what is Marc Ambinder trying to do in suggesting only the Democrats are guilty of such inconsistency?

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