Press pundits remain silent about sexist coverage

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Over the weekend The New Yorker held its annual talking heads festival and one of its panels featured Bill Keller, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Peggy Noonan, Jack Shafer and Ken Auletta who discussed the media and the campaign.

One of the questions from the audience came from a Hillary Clinton supporter who asked about sexism in the coverage during the primary season.

Go to 3:00 in the HuffPost video to hear the complete non-answers offered up by Shafer and Noonan who pretty much refuse to even address the premise of the question, which continues to be the Issue That May Not Be Discussed Inside the Beltway Press Corps.

Maybe this would have helped them form a response. It's installment #104 in Shakesville's Hillary Sexism Watch which ran during the primaries.

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