Expectations vs. Standards

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The media and pundit class has spent much of the day talking about "expectations" for tonight's debate, with the consensus being that they are much lower for Palin. Here's Politico's take this morning:

For Republicans, Palin's stumbles with Couric have been a mixed blessing. While the slip-ups raised questions about the Alaska governor's readiness for national office and increased pressure on her to perform in her sole joint appearance with Biden, they also sent already low expectations plunging even further.

Palin's aides are seeking to raise the bar for Biden just as it has been lowered for Palin.

The expectations game conceals an underlying reality. Obama's camp chose Biden as a running mate in part because he can be an electrifying, passionate presence on television, one who regularly won post-debate focus groups and snap polls in the primaries, and one who has used his (earned) reputation for gaffes to good comic effect. Palin, by contrast, was chosen for her symbolism and her stump speeches -- not for her mastery of the unpredictable formats of interviews and debates.

It's fine for the punditry to decide that there are lower expectations for one candidate or the other - but the thing everyone should be clear on is that there must be the same standard for both. Both candidates are running for the same office. Both have a chance to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Both have to show they are capable of performing effectively in that role. Both have to meet the same standard - and neither should be awarded bonus points for exceeding "expectations."

The "expectations game" is just that: a game.

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