Suspension of disbelief

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

John McCain just said "As of this morning I suspended my political campaign." The news media continues to uncritically report that he has done so. (Current CNN chyron: "McCain speaks at Global Initiative; suspending campaign to work on bailout.")

Well, is he, really? Are his campaign offices around the country empty? Are his campaign staff and volunteers at home, catching up on their laundry? Is his web page rejecting attempted contributions?

"Suspended my campaign" isn't a vague phrase; it means something very specific. It means his campaign has stopped. If it isn't true, he's lying, and it exposes this whole thing as nothing more than a political stunt -- a political stunt designed to portray him as above politics.

But the media doesn't even seem to be trying to determine whether the campaign is actually suspended. They're just accepting it.

UPDATE: McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds is currently on MSNBC. A few minutes ago, Nancy Pfotenhauer was on FOX. In neither case has the anchor asked the McCain spokesperson why s/he is going on television if the campaign is "suspended."

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