Pre-debate coverage

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The NYTimes has a lengthy, detailed look at the negotiations that have gone on between the two sides in preparation for the upcoming debates.

But we thought it was strange that not once did the Times raise questions about why the first debate is being held on a Friday night. We're guessing there is no precedent for that, since Friday night, along with Saturday, is one of the two least-watched television nights of the week. And as Daily Howler notes, in September entire sections of the country are attending high school football games on Friday night. So why hold the first presidential debate, which is arguably the most important, on a Friday night?

For the Times, the issue is of no interest, which we think highlights the growing disconnect between the political press and the public.

Also, David Broder pens a whole pre-debate column today. The fact that it's being held on Friday is of no interest to him.

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