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MSNBC's post-Palin-speech coverage has consisted entirely of various reporters sitting around talking about how successful the speech was, speculating about how voters will react to it. But viewers don't need to be told how they'll react to Palin's presentation -- they can react to it all by themselves, without being told how to react by a bunch of pundits.

Meanwhile, not one MSNBC reporter has said a single word about whether what Palin said was accurate. That's something viewers do need; something they can't easily ascertain on their own. MSNBC has had the text of this speech for hours, and they haven't yet gotten around to telling viewers whether Palin told the truth in it.

Like her claim about the "bridge to nowhere." Was that correct? (Answer: No, not really. But don't expect MSNBC to tell you that; they'd rather blather on pointlessly about how viewers will react to the speech. Which becomes self-fulfilling: those viewers would, no doubt, react a bit differently if the media told them Palin didn't tell the truth.)

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