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Bloomberg today quotes Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) saying John McCain is "the object of media scrutiny that he's never had before."

CNN's Wolf Blitzer just reported that McCain has cancelled a scheduled interview with Larry King because of Campbell Brown's conduct during an interview with McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds last night. Here's the transcript of the Brown/Bounds exchange. And here's the video. In response to Bounds' assertion that Sarah Palin's experience as head of the Alaska National Guard prepares her to be president, Brown asked Bounds to name a decision Palin made in that capacity. When Bounds didn't, Brown asked again.

McCain still hasn't recieved serious, sustained media scrutiny -- if anyone still needs proof of that, the fact that the McCain campaign acts upset when asked to name a single decision their VP candidate has made should do it. And if they keep lashing out at the media like this, they may just cow reporters into forgoing any real scrutiny between now and election day.

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