The NYT onilne has a "Blogtalk" problem

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

We recently hit the Times's and its online "Blogtalk" feature which ostensibly offers a round-up of whatever hot political issues bloggers are discussing. On Saturday, our beef was that "Blogtalk" downplayed the wildly inaccurate story prominent right-wing blogs were pushing about how the Obama campaign was somehow behind websites spreading misinformation about Sarah Palin.

On Monday, "Blogtalk," returned to focus on the breaking news about Palin's daughter, which lit up both ends of the Internet spectrum. But instead of taking the temperature of the whole blogosphere, "Blogtalk" focused exclusively on the spin right-wing bloggers were putting out. (i.e. They were virtually unanimous that the news would not hurt the McCain/Palin ticket.)

Here's a dissection of the "Blogtalk" analysis:

No of right-wing blog/bloggers mentioned : 10

No. of liberal blogs/bloggers quoted: 8

No. of liberal blogs/bloggers mentioned: 0

No. of liberal blog/bloggers quoted: 0

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