BlazeTV host Steve Deace blasts Ric Grenell as Trump’s “homosexual enforcer” who wants “other people to succumb to it as well”

Deace: Grenell is promoting his “demons” and demanding “other people stop wrestling with them”

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Citation From the June 14, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): Then there's somebody like Ric Grenell, who right now is essentially running the political operation for Trump at Mar-A-Lago by all accounts. He served him very capably, was it -- was it -- I think -- was it --


DEACE: DNI, Department of National Intelligence. He was very good at his job. Don't deny that at all. But Ric Grenell has took it upon himself to become some kind of homosexual enforcer.

He will confront -- no, he hasn't tried it with me yet. It would not go well if he had, but he has tried to confront people on homosexuality and being more accepting of it.


And there's pictures of him here with -- and I just tweeted one out. Him with a Pride flag, just like last week at Mar-A-Lago. If you tried -- he went after the Texas Republican Party that was willing to say homosexuality is a sin and it's wrong. He is actively trying to get us to abandon what the Bible preaches on this topic. He is not simply saying, "I can't overcome my desires. I'm giving in to them. I understand if you don't agree with me, but there's a lot of other areas that we do agree on, can we focus on those things?"

There are a lot of other areas that Ric Grenell and I probably agree on. I'd be more than happy to focus on those things, except he wants to compel me to agree with him on an area I cannot possibly agree with him on, because it would be a clear violation of the word of God.


It is one thing to be wrestling with your demons. It is another thing to promote them and demand that other people stop wrestling with them as you have, and that's what Ric Grenell is doing. And I think he'll probably be on a shortlist to beat Trump's VP if he's the nominee.

Wouldn't shock me if he was the VP, might even be a great VP. I don't know. He was really good at Department of DNI. But if you are happy and contented with the things in your life that you know are not God's will for your life, and you're not hiding them, you're not ashamed of them, they're not things you wish you could just let go, but you just can't because there's a part of your flesh that just craves and desires them -- and so you indulge them a little or a time or two when no one else is around just to make that desire, try to satiate for a while and then get back on the narrow road, that's the struggle of our flesh. That's the -- that's the Roman 7 struggle we all have.

It's another thing to just succumb to that struggle and then actively use my platform to try to get other people to succumb to it as well, and that is what Ric Grenell is doing.