BlazeTV host Steve Deace: Mike Pence wants to “let Disney groom the kids”

Deace: Pence “may not be a threat to steal your wife, but he's a threat to your wife and kids nevertheless”

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Citation From the May 22, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): If you are shocked Mike Pence sided against the morality he claims to be so ardently for and with those who are out to eradicate it at every turn, I cannot help you. That's not sarcasm. Literally, I am telling you I can't help you. Straight up. You are beyond help, at least my ability to help you, and maybe any mere human being. I mean, you are in the need of a soul transplant or you've already been lobotomized. One or the other, because that's the least surprising news ever every time it happens.

If you want to be on the losing side of an issue, find out where Mike Pence is. Find out -- follow the forlorn -- follow the forlorn look. Follow the forlorn look. Yes, there it is. There it is. Yes. Follow the forlorn look.  Follow it and look at Larry Kudlow. Yes. Yes. Yes. Let Disney groom the kids. Let Disney groom the kids because, I mean, I've got a few Disney stock in my portfolio and I'm not rich enough, so, yes. Cut those genitals off, Disney, yes. Yes. I need that yield.


So there's Mike Pence the pious. Mike the Pious, jumping on Fox News to say, yes, Disney, trans those kids, pollute those kids, demonically influence those kids. Florida's GDP isn't good enough. Soul-rape those children, Disney, for my technocratic conservatism. Hell, literally, no. Hell no.


You're not only no threat whatsoever against the demonic spirit of the age, you will turn on us and turn us in, and that's who Mike Pence is. That's him.

Never in a million years. Never in a million years. Literally, if he was the last candidate on earth in the demonic spirit of the age, I'm just checking out at that point. Never in a million years. Never. Just a complete and total quisling wimp, who is symbiotic of much of what has been in our pulpits for the last generation. That guy may not be a threat to steal your wife, but he's a threat to your wife and kids nevertheless.