BlazeTV cohost Todd Erzen: Republican primary voters who support Trump over DeSantis are “crackheads” who are “addicted to the show”

Erzen: DeSantis is “right there for you to pick ... do you really prefer Trump?”

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Citation From the July 26, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): I say this as someone that was a -- that was -- that's been a Governor Ron DeSantis fanboy. I have not -- and that's what I brought it -- why I brought this up yesterday -- I have not consistently seen the slayer from Florida. And I don't fault anybody in our audience that wants to see that more consistently than we have so far on the campaign trail.


TODD ERZEN (CO-HOST): This is a desire to want the show too much, to really want to -- I just really want to Netflix and chill and then watch football all the time. I don't -- be a citizen. Be a damn citizen. Show up to things. It -- I know this feeling. I know this feeling. You -- a lot of people just resent the fact that the guy did it, and you didn't, and now you wanna complain.

I'm the one who shows up at these things and then you complain about me. You don't like my tone. I'm -- I'm fed up with all of you on all sides. He's right there for you to pick. Stop complaining right now when it is nothing but the show. It's just the tour. He's not governing. He can't give any -- he's just gotta go to these places and talk to you. Do you really prefer Trump? This -- Aaron was way more right than even that I let on.

This is the Bolsheviks, you just -- you're addicted to it. You're all crackheads. You're just addicted to the show. A grown-up was right there. I -- do you understand that what he produced in Florida under the circumstances is one of the signature moments in all of American political history? And you're like, go save him. What's to be saved?