BlazeTV host Steve Deace: Former Gov. Nikki Haley is “a prostitute for corporations” and is “not accustomed to how ... alpha males behave”

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Citation From the May 10, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): Nikki Haley, I -- speaking of, do you -- do people listen to the things they say out loud sometimes? First of all, they didn't criticize him and he sued them, that's just factually not accurate. They went to his office and lobbied him to not have legislation that kicked pedo groomer content and indoctrination out of the schools. And then they aided and abetted the mislabeling of that and the mischaracterization of that legislation as the quote, don't say gay bill. They politically lobbied Nikki. They politically lobbied, Disney did, while on the state's dime and receiving benefits from the state no other corporation in the state of Florida receives, including no other public tourist attraction. They then used that gratis to march into the governor's office and say, hey, keep the gay porn in the schools. No, it wasn't they criticize -- that's just not factually accurate. So, either you're dumb or you just lied. There's a commandment for that - the bearing a false witness. Now, I don't know if you did it intentionally or unintentionally, but you just broke it there, sister. That's not factually accurate. And then we get to the conclusion that Aaron drew in his montage, the remedy is that all the elites get together in the back room and just solve these things.


I used to take all kinds of advertising dollars from Planned Parenthood on my local show back in the day. And you know what I would do with it? I'd spend it, and then I would turn around and we actually took their actual commercials and turned them -- like the audio, everything, and we turned them into parodies of Planned Parenthood. And I did my best to elect as many pro-life people to the Iowa legislature as I possibly could. It is not -- it's not hypocritical to take Disney's donor money as a donor, and then go against their wishes.

What you're advocating, actually, Nikki, is you're admitting that you're a prostitute for corporations. That you -- when you take people's money, you must do their bidding. No, that's what's wrong, Nikki, with Republicans like you. And thank you for confirming that for us, again, that that's actually how the process has worked for many, many years.

When we take money from somebody, it means we absolutely have to do whatever they tell us to do, we're bought and sold at that point. They're the -- they're the pimp, and, you know, we're the ho, basically. I know you don't -- I know -- I know that you don't see a lot of this in this day and age, Nikki. Particularly, it looks like, based on the people you elect in South Carolina in your fake red state where you live, but -- where somehow we ended up with two US senators, and none of them, neither one of them out of South Carolina -- and none of -- neither one of them can find a wife. Man, what are the odds of that? Two U.S. senators, you'd think they'd have women just throwing themselves at somebody like that. You know, people on the come, people on the way up, people with power, you'd think they just -- you'd think they'd be loaded with scandals of women trying to get in with -- with two people with that kind of a stage and a platform instead.

Instead suppose red state South Carolina where you governed -- supposedly was able to find two people to run for US Senate and represent them, two men who neither one have a wife. I find that extremely odd, an extremely odd coincidence. So, because of -- apparently you guys elect men who have no affection for women there, maybe you're not accustomed to how male, alpha males behave, but it is actually the boss of boss moves to take money from somebody, to then turn around and use it to punch them in the balls with it. That was a DeSantis commercial, honey. She'll be out by Labor Day, Halloween at the latest.