Meghan McCain tells Democrats to run moderates to pick up Republican votes, then admits she'll always vote GOP 

McCain: “I'm a Republican. I'm going to end up voting for the Republicans”

From the November 7 edition of ABC's The View:

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MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): I have a few takeaways. The first thing I want to say is that in 2010 the wave with the tea party was 63 seats, nowhere near the amount that Democrats got this time. What I thought was most interesting is, I said on this show, be careful nationalizing candidates. Candidates that got really nationalized ended up losing last night. All politics is local, especially in your first race. This is a message for Democrats, just because New Yorker magazine and people in major media markets love you, it is not a winning pathway in the middle of the country. All politics is local. It's the first thing I'd teach in a class if I was teaching politics.

The second thing I want to say is that the serious lesson for Democrats also is that Republicans are not going to vote against their own agenda and against their own interests, meaning, I think there's an impression sometimes if you don't watch Fox News that all Republicans, if you're against Trump or you have issues with his rhetoric, that automatically I have somehow morphed into a liberal, that every ideology and principle I have ever agreed on, that the principles that make me who I am, the conservative that I am, have flown out the window. And all of a sudden, I'm a Democrat. That is not the case. Republicans are going to vote for their own agenda and they did a lot last night, especially in Senate and gubernatorial races. And I think the Democrats that were really competitive were the ones that were more moderate. So, that is a lesson I would take away. 

SUNNY HOSTIN (CO-HOST): That was disappointing to me actually because when you look at the Republicans -- 

MCCAIN: Of course it's disappointing. You're a Democrat. It's not disappointing for me. I'm a Republican. I'm going to end up voting for the Republicans and there's a way to differentiate Trump from candidates. 


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