Rumble streamer Nick Fuentes, who dined with Trump in 2022, says he doesn't “buy” that the Nazis used gas chambers

Fuentes used air quotes when saying that six million Jewish people died in the Holocaust

Days after announcing his 2024 run for president in November 2022, former President Donald Trump dined with antisemitic rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago. After the meeting became public, Trump made numerous public remarks about the dinner. But none of those remarks condemned Fuentes. In fact, while a few Republicans spoke out about Fuentes vile views, many were silent, including several Fox News commentators.

Fuentes is a white nationalist who leads a contingent of racist online trolls who call themselves “groypers.” In addition to comments denying the severity of Holocaust, Fuentes has made a number of shockingly bigoted statements, including openly fantasizing on Rumble about teaming up with Hitler to kill a Black man he saw littering and more recently calling on Jewish people to “get the fuck out of America.” (Despite such statements, Fuentes’ fans have included some on Capitol Hill.)

In the clip below, Fuentes claims the Holocaust was “exaggerated” and that history lessons about World War II are designed to “engender in people a profound sympathy for Jews.” 

Then, citing the dangerous myth that Jewish people are all-powerful, Fuentes says, “They run the major talent, all the major talent agencies in Hollywood. They run all the major record labels. They run all the major Hollywood studios. They run the most wealthy hedge funds.” 

In reference to gas chambers used to murder Jewish people during the Holocaust, Fuentes comments, “I don't know if I buy that.”

In reality, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and other institutions have documented the use of Nazi gas chambers throughout the Holocaust. They note that numerous “killing facilities” were established across German concentration camps and used either carbon monoxide or Zyklon B to murder Jewish prisoners en masse.

“The Nazis killed millions of people in gas vans or in stationary gas chambers," the Holocaust Museum's website notes. "The victims were people with disabilities and later Jews and other prisoners. The vast majority of those killed by gassing were Jews.”  

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Citation From a video of Nick Fuentes' America First, as uploaded to Rumble on March 11, 2024  

“CHEESUR" (GUEST): Is it true that you think the Holocaust is fake?

NICK FUENTES (HOST):  It's not that I think it's fake. I just think that it's exaggerated. And, you know, because I'll give you a perfect example. Like October seventh, the attack on Israel, this is how I will explain it, by analogy. On October seventh, Hamas attacked Israel.

This is the recent event. And here's a perfect example. When that attack happened, they came out and said, ‘Oh, Hamas beheaded 40 babies.' They said, ‘Hamas has literally decapitated 40 babies, and we have the video evidence.'

And Joe Biden came out and said, ‘I've seen it.' Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State came out and said, ‘I've seen the evidence.' And like two months later, it came out that that was a complete fabrication.

It came out that it was basically like two stories that were kind of mixed together where some people were beheaded by, like, shrapnel and they found, like, several dead kids, someone embellished it, but it turned overnight, it turned into this narrative about Hamas beheaded 40 babies. There's no truth in it. But it was sensational. It was visceral. I mean, if you imagine that image, it's so shocking.

You would want to say whoever is responsible for something like that must be buried. Like whoever would decapitate 40 babies should just, you need to annihilate these people. And you have to think that that is sort of the intended effect.

And there's a word for this. It's called atrocity propaganda. During a war, it obviously benefits Israel if their enemy is seen as a unredeemable or irredeemable horrible person. If everybody says, ‘Hey, Hamas are the kind of people that kill babies,' then that justifies anything that Israel does against them.

That's called atrocity propaganda. I view the Holocaust in a similar way, because if you take a look around the country, there's Holocaust museums everywhere. They're popping up all the time.

And the Holocaust is by law required to be a part of the curriculum. And they go into like a fourth grade classroom and they show 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds, obscene graphic pictures of like emaciated corpses and all this stuff.

In the last 40 years, there have been hundreds of films made about the Holocaust in Hollywood. What is the intended effect of all of this? I think it's meant to engender in people a profound sympathy for Jews. And it's supposed to say, you know, if we criticize Jews, it could lead to a Holocaust.

You know, if there are certain negative attitudes towards Jews, it could lead to another Holocaust. And it's so it's meant to make Jews out to be the ultimate victim.

But if you look around, Jews are the most privileged powerful group in the world. I mean they are the biggest donors to the political parties. They run the major talent, all the major talent agencies in Hollywood. They run all the major record labels. They run all the major Hollywood studios. They run the most wealthy hedge funds. Their political lobbying group, the Israel lobby, is one of the most powerful special interest lobbies in DC.

So they enjoy extreme power, privilege. They're the richest ethnic group in America by a lot.

So they're so powerful, but yet there's this Holocaust indoctrination that says,  ‘No, they're the ultimate victim.' And if you talk about it, if you acknowledge this, if you even just state these facts, if you start to count them, well, that's antisemitic. And antisemitism can never be tolerated.

Why? Holocaust. Holocaust Museum. Look at the shoes, look at the stripes. Watch this movie, watch Boy in the Striped Pajamas, watch Schindler's List, go to the museum, apologize, you know, give us a million dollars.

That's what happened to Kyrie Irving. That's what happened to Kanye, Mel Gibson, Michael Jackson, Henry Ford. Henry Ford before there even was a Holocaust.

So, you know, it, and I'll tell you this: Yes, Jews were killed during World War II. They were killed in concentration camps by the Germans. And it's not to minimize it, but a lot of people died during World War II. It's a fucking world war. Okay? A hundred million people died in World War II.

Germans were put in concentration camps by the Americans. Japanese were put in internment camps by the Americans.

Japanese raped and slaughtered Chinese in China. People were dying by the millions. But the only ones we ever talk about are the 6 million that died during the Holocaust and to the exclusion of almost everybody else. Nobody talks about the 20-some million Russians that died ever when we use our propaganda about Russia in this current conflict.

So not to go off on the subject, but, you know, if people wanted to tell me six million died in the Holocaust, I'd say, ‘Okay, fine.' If people wanna say there were gas chambers, I'd say, ‘Yeah, I don't know if I buy that.' Fine. We have to question why it cast such a long shadow.