Senior writer for National Journal 's Hotline panned Outfoxed in The Weekly Standard

Following the 3,500 house parties that were held nationwide on July 18 for people to view producer/director Robert Greenwald's documentary film Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, The New York Times and The Weekly Standard published reviews of the film.

On July 19, conservative magazine The Weekly Standard reviewed Outfoxed in its online publication The Daily Standard. The review, titled “More of the Same: Watching Robert Greenwald's 'Outfoxed' with a crowd at the Peace House,” panned the film. Eric D. Pfeiffer, a senior writer for National Journal's “daily briefing on politics,” The Hotline, authored the review. Pfeiffer's writing has also recently appeared in the conservative National Review Online.

In contrast, Times chief film critic A.O. Scott's July 19 review, titled “Spin Zones, Flag Waving and Shouting to Catch a Fox,” concluded: “Somehow, though, in these confusing circumstances you can catch a glimpse of the truth, even in a bar in Brooklyn on a muggy Sunday evening in July [where Scott viewed the film].”

FOX News Channel "denies the claim" made in Outfoxed that the network has a “bias toward Republicans.”