Washington Times: February snow storms “undermin[e] the case for global warming one flake at a time”

From the February 8 Washington Times editorial, titled, “Snowmageddon is nigh”:

As Washington digs itself out from under the Snowpocalypse, the region braces for yet more flurries. At least 18 inches of snow lie on the ground at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and some places were blanketed under as much as three feet. More arctic blasts this week could drive 2010 into the history books as the capital's snowiest winter ever.

The news must send chills up the spines of global warming adherents, for whom this winter has been marked by discontent. Several of the movement's high priests have been exposed as charlatans. The famed “hockey stick” chart - cited as indisputable evidence that the planet has been warming for a century owing to carbon emissions - was exposed for fraudulently doctoring data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures. When the the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that glaciers were melting as a result of the selfishness of mankind, the claim turned out to be a complete fabrication.


Those who value freedom should thank Mother Nature for her sense of humor, undermining the case for global warming one flake at a time. So although we're quite tired of shoveling, we say, “Bring on the blizzard.”