Wash. Times' Curl: Michelle Obama “Doesn't Seem All That Happy With The Man She Married 19 Years Ago”

In an August 28 Washington Times op-ed, Joseph Curl wrote that first lady Michelle Obama “doesn't seem all that happy with the man she married 19 years ago.” Curl further asked, “Man, how miserable is Michelle Obama?” and provided analysis of the first lady's actions, writing that “a look at just this past month is illuminating.” From the Times:

Man, how miserable is Michelle Obama?

About 2½ years into her ceremonial stint as first lady, Mrs. Obama seems to have had quite enough of the gig. More to the point, she doesn't seem to have ever warmed to the second-fiddle slot as other first ladies before her did. And even more than that, she doesn't seem all that happy with the man she married 19 years ago.

A look at just this past month is illuminating.


Then, we see the pictures. First, a shot of an unsmiling Michelle in the presidential limousine. Next to her, in the shadows, a grim husband. Unseen in the photo are the daughters, who sit across from her. But Michelle is tuned out: She's plugged into an iPod, neither willing nor able to listen to anyone.

Then, another photo. Mrs. Obama was going to stay on Martha's Vineyard when her husband returned Saturday ahead of the hurricane, but White House aides quickly nixed the idea. Upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, about to descend the stairs on her private 747, she could not have looked more grim. Her husband -- the president -- didn't look too happy, either.

No, there's something going on there. How else to explain all those vacations away from President Obama -- to Florida, California, South Africa, Latin America, Colorado, Spain? (That last trip was also a “mother-daughter” jaunt, although along for the ride were 40 “family” friends and a security squad of 75 agents.) How else to explain her decision not to accompany her husband to Chicago the day before his 50th birthday, when the first couple could have spent the night in their real home?


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