Do Wash. Times news pages really have “no agenda” ?

Washington Times editor John Solomon got some attention the other day by complaining that The New York Times, in an article explaining the origin of the false “death panel” claim, described his newspaper as “decidedly opposed” to President Obama. Solomon insisted in response that “Our news pages have no agenda except to accurately and fairly cover the news.”

Solomon's whining paid off in the form of not just a correction stating that the article was “referring to its opinion pages, not to its news pages” but an apology from New York Times Washington editor Dean Baquet stating, “We did not mean to imply the Washington Times newsroom is biased or partisan.”

Below are of Media Matters items on Obama-related news articles published by The Washington Times. Judge for yourself:

Media echo serial misinformer McCaughey's false end-of-life counseling claim

Wash. Times article allows unnamed critics to smear Sotomayor as “terror on the bench”

Wash. Times headlines “jeers” for Obama's commencement address, but not for Bush's

Under pressure, Washington Times removes image of Obama's daughters from youth homicides story

Wash. Times forwarded distortion of Obama's “Christian nation” remarks

Conservative media attack health-care reform in budget without addressing admin. response

Politico, ABC's The Note spotlighted Wash. Times article reviving Obama flag smears

Wash. Times adopted GOP's inflated cost-per-job calculation for recovery bill

Drudge-hyped Wash. Times “analysis” cited only Republicans to declare Obama's " 'Doom' talk scored as 'not Presidential' "

After previously misrepresenting partial CBO analysis, Wash. Times ignored full CBO report's conclusion on stimulus package

Wash. Times uncritically repeated GOP suggestion that Obama's stimulus does not have “fast-acting tax relief”

Wash. Times headline baselessly claims “Scandal casts cloud over Obama presidency”

Ignoring evidence to the contrary, Wash. Times uncritically quoted claim that Obama's birth certificate has “clearly been altered”

Wash. Times debunked own claims that Obama “hijack[ed]” and “borrowed” Republican language about role of states

Wash. Times reported on Obama's “association” with Khalidi, but not McCain's

Wash. Times uncritically reported Graham's claim that Obama did not vote on resolution condemning “General Betray Us” ad

Wash. Times reported McCain claim about Obama's response to Lewis statement without reporting what Obama actually said

Wash. Times uncritically reported McCain “slamm[ed]” Obama “for supporting higher taxes” without noting Obama's plans to cut taxes

Wash. Times repeats McCain campaign's false assertion that Obama “oppos[es] ... tax cuts for small businesses”

Wash. Times uncritically repeated McCain campaign's statement that Obama “voted in lockstep with President George W. Bush nearly half the time”

Citing Milbank, Wash. Times' Curl repeated disputed version of Obama's “symbol” remark

Wash. Times described Michelle Obama-Gov. Granholm event as “estrogenfest,” “girlie show”

Wash. Times quoted Indiana man saying Obama is “a Muslim” without noting the assertion is false

Despite reporting to the contrary, Wash. Times claimed Obama received “a discount” on his house

Wash. Times falsely claimed Obama “urg[ed] the Bush administration to conduct air strikes against terrorist targets in Pakistan without its approval”

Wash. Times headline asserted “Military fears 'unknown quantity' ” of Obama, but quote came from “scare[d]” defense “industry executive”