Wall Street Journal's Romney Advisor Disclosure Problem (Conspiracy Theory Edition)

Mukasey Is 10th Journal Op-Ed Writer Not Disclosed As A Romney Adviser

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey pushing the bogus rumor that President Obama may release convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so called “Blind Sheikh.”

The Journal did not disclose Mukasey's position as a Romney campaign adviser. This fits with the Journal's practice of repeatedly publishing columns by Karl Rove without disclosure of his role as head of pro-Republican groups dedicated to defeating President Obama. The paper has also published op-eds by nine Romney campaign advisers without disclosure of their roles. 

In his Journal op-ed, Mukasey acknowledged that he had no direct evidence that Obama is considering a release or transfer of the Blind Sheikh, who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Instead, Mukasey purported to present circumstantial evidence to make his case.

For instance, Mukasey suggested that statements made by U.S. government officials regarding the Blind Sheikh were not clear enough:

Then there are the statements of U.S. officials on the subject, which all have sounded excruciatingly lawyered. Asked before Congress in July whether there is an intention “at any time to release the Blind Sheikh,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano responded: “Well, let me just say this. I know of no such intention.”

The State Department's spokesperson last week, after the ceremonial “let me be clear,” said that there had been no approach on this topic “recently” from any “senior” official of the Egyptian government -- an elucidation laden with ambiguity and certain to send chills up the spine of anyone familiar with Abdel Rahman's record and President Morsi's inclinations.

Mukasey hid the fact that the State Department spokesperson he quoted, Victoria Nuland, also said “there is no plan to release the blind sheikh, there is no plan.”

And Nuland isn't the only Obama administration official to make such a clear statement. Department of Justice spokesperson Dean Boyd told the Glenn Beck's the Blaze that the rumor that the Blind Sheikh may be transferred to Egypt is “utter garbage”:

The assertion that the Blind Sheikh may be transferred to Egypt is utter garbage. The Blind Sheikh is not being transferred to Egypt nor is he being released. He is serving life sentence in federal prison.  Suggestions that there are discussions to transfer or release him are absolute garbage and completely false.