Media Call Out Newspapers For Leaving Hillary Clinton's Photo Off Front Pages After History-Making Nomination

Media figures are calling out major newspapers -- including The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune -- for omitting Hillary Clinton’s photo from their front pages the morning after she became the first woman nominated as the presidential candidate of a major party.

Hillary Clinton Makes History As The First Woman Nominated For President By A Major Party

NBC News: Clinton Is “Making History” As The First Woman To Become The Presidential Nominee Of A Major Political Party. Hillary Clinton is the official 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, “making history as the first woman ever to secure the backing of a major American political party,” reported NBC News on July 27:

Hillary Clinton is now officially the Democratic presidential nominee, making history as the first woman ever to secure the backing of a major American political party.

Clinton was formally nominated on the second evening of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, more than nine years after launching her first presidential bid. [NBC News, 7/27/16]

Media Figures Criticize Newspapers For Omitting Clinton’s Photo On Their Front Pages

BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen: Omission Of Hillary Clinton’s Photo Is “Simple Proof Of Enduring Sexism.”

[Twitter, 7/27/16]

NY1’s Pat Kiernan: Chicago Tribune “Had The Wrong Clinton … On Its Front Page.”

[Twitter, 7/27/16]

Daily Beast’s Goldie Taylor: “Sigh.” “First Woman Clinches Presidential Nomination For National Party … Newspapers Run A Photo Of Her Husband.”

[Twitter, 7/27/16, 7/27/16]

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Chicago Tribune Writes “Clinton Claims Nomination” “Above A Photo Of … Bill."

[Twitter, 7/27/16]

CNN’s Amanda Wills: Chicago Tribune “Marked Hillary’s Moment, But With A Photo Of Bill.”

[Twitter, 7/27/16]

Fusion’s Kelsey McKinney: “Hillary Clinton, First Woman To Win The Presidency! Let’s Put A Big Pic[ture] Of Her Husband On The Front Page!”

[Twitter, 7/27/16]