CPAC Gone Wild: Fox News' Steve Moore Kisses Media Matters

Surrounded by their own kind, CPAC attendees let loose. Enter Steve Moore -- Wall Street Journal writer and Fox News contributor. Despite knowing he was on film, Moore kissed the cheek of a Media Matters employee who had just introduced herself.

The Media Matters employee and her coworker asked Moore about recent controversies regarding GOProud, Lila Rose, and Glenn Beck, while disguised as conservative fans. Then Moore asked one of the Media Matters employees where she went to college, and she responded that she went to UCLA. Moore expressed surprise that she went to a “hard school to get into,” and, unprompted, said, “and you're not even Asian.”

MEDIA MATTERS 1: Nice to meet you.
STEVEN MOORE: I'm Steve Moore.
MM1: Steve Moore. Okay.
MM1: I'm from California originally.
SM: Where?
MM1: Orange County. But now I'm in DC.
SM: What do you do?
MM1:What do I do? I do--
SM: Are you taking a pictures of us?

MEDIA MATTERS 2: Yeah, we're huge fans.

[Steven Moore puts his arm around Media Matters 1 and leans in to kiss her on the cheek]
MEDIA MATTERS 2: Yay. [laughs]
SM: Was that a good picture?
MM2: Yeah.

[a few minutes later]

SM: Where'd you go to college?
MM1: I went to college ... UCLA
MM1: Yeah.
SM: I've heard of UCLA.
MM1: Yeah, yeah.
SM: Did you like it there?
MM1: Yeah.
SM: You must be smart. It's a hard school
to get into.
MM1: Yeah, yeah.
MM1: It's a good school because then you
get college tuition--
SM: You're not even Asian.
MM1: Yeah, yeah.
SM: [laughs]
SM: Well, it was great to meet you.
MM2: Nice to meet you.