State AGs behind lawsuit seeking to overturn the election won’t speak to CNN — while Texas' AG has been on a right-wing media tour

Coincidentally, the Texas AG is under federal investigation and could use a pardon

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin reported this afternoon that none of the attorneys general who signed on to a brief supporting an effort by their Texas counterpart to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win would agree to appear on the program.

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Citation From the December 10, 2020, edition of CNN Right Now

By contrast, the original signer of this lawsuit, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been on a right-wing media tour over recent days discussing the ridiculous and idiotic lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court. Since just December 8, Paxton has talked with:

Paxton also talked to Gray TV and other local media outlets about the lawsuit, some of which notably asked him about a potential pardon from President Donald Trump given that Paxton is under federal investigation (some conservatives have noted this motivation as well):

The Associated Press previously reported that Paxton is under investigation by the FBI for bribery and potential abuse of office.

106 House Republicans have signed onto an amicus brief supporting Paxton's lawsuit.