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Citation From the December 10, 2020, edition of Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Bartiromo

MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): And how were the people of Texas wronged in this, and now the people of the other 18 states?

ATTORNEY GENERAL KEN PAXTON (R-TX): So, I feel like because we followed the constitutional provisions for electing our electors — and these other states did not — that my voters are now disenfranchised. Because we fought so hard to follow state law and make sure that our elections were legitimate. And these other states changed all the rules, by people that didn’t have the authority to change the rules, by the state law or by federal law. And so, that harm, in a national election, it affects all of us — not just for the presidential election, but even for some of these Senate elections. Because if the Senate changes because of this, in Georgia, then my state’s affected.

BARTIROMO: Exactly. And you know, I’ve been saying that this is so important, because this is the reason that our young men and women go and fight on battlefields across the world, and in some cases lose their lives, because they believe that their vote matters just as much as your vote matters as an A.G. If that’s not true, we have a major problem in America — not just for this presidential election, but for future elections.