Right-wing figures promote an app to report alleged “voter irregularities” during the midterms

The app is available on the Apple App and Google Play stores

In right-wing media, GOP activists and election denial candidates are promoting an app called “VotifyNow” to report and document alleged “voter irregularities” during the midterms. The founder of the app previously spoke at a QAnon-linked conference and has appeared alongside election denial candidates. 

The app is intended for users to share allegations of fraud with each other to create consistency in accusations. It’s unclear whether those reviewing these allegations received from VotifyNow have experience in determining fraud or working in election law. VotifyNow is currently available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. 

Conspiracy theory website The Gateway Pundit has claimed that it is already reviewing submissions from users. 

VotifyNow's functionality fits into the larger efforts of right-wing media and election deniers to recruit grassroots volunteers for the midterms to undermine the electoral process with baseless fraud accusations.

The app was founded by entrepreneur Johnny Vieira. Vieira has posted images of himself online alongside election denial and QAnon-aligned candidates Michigan Secretary of State candidate Kirstina Karamo and Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem. Vieira also spoke at the 2021 QAnon-linked Rock the Red conference in South Carolina.

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Citation From VotifyNow's Instagram account 

During his speech at Rock the Red, Vieira explained the app’s purpose. He said, “It’s purely the idea of putting a spotlight on any potential crime. Somebody is cheating, there’s some mail-in ballot funny business going on, some polling station funny business going on.” Vieira continued: “We’re asking users that have the app to simply document what they’re seeing and then just share it amongst other people.”

VotifyNow already appears to be taking in claims of alleged voter fraud. The group has posted pictures of submissions on its Twitter account and tagged election denial candidates and conspiracy theorists for awareness, including Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Arizona Republican state Senator Wendy Rogers, who has promoted the app on Twitter.

Right-wing media promotes VotifyNow

Promotion of VotifyNow has appeared across right-wing media over the past year. January 6 coup plotter and podcaster Steve Bannon, conservative radio host John Fredericks, and various right-wing websites have touted the app, including the QAnon-linked site UncoverDC, which is run by editor-in-chief and QAnon influencer Tracy Beanz

During the July 30 edition of Bannon’s War Room, Finchem promoted the app, saying, “VotifyNow turns every single viewer that you have in the posse into an evidence collector.”

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Citation From the July 30, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

During another appearance on Bannon’s show, Finchem asked listeners to download the app and “take a picture, create an incident report and submit it” to create a pool of alleged evidence for “causes of action.”

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Citation From the August 1, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

Finchem has also repeatedly promoted the app on Twitter:

As documented by Twitter user Natedog155, who has covered the app, GOP activist Dan Scultz has promoted VotifyNow. Schultz created the “precinct strategy,” a QAnon-connected grassroots movement to get right-wing radicals to fill vacant election administration positions around the country for the midterms.

Vieira appeared on the October 13 edition of The John Fredericks Show to promote the app. Vieira claimed the app is meant to avoid a “raging forest fire of nefarious activity” during the midterms.  

Fredericks added that he “love[s] this concept” and described it as “a great tool.”

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Citation From the October 13, 2022, edition of The John Fredericks Show

Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward also promoted the app. Her tweet included a link to the Arizona Sun Times, an outlet associated with the Star News disinformation network.

During another appearance with Fredericks, the host claimed the app can be used to fight off a “steal plan” and “stop the steal” by Democrats. 

Vieira told Fredericks that VotifyNow is partnered with conspiracy theory website Gateway Pundit “to have them share and put out incidents” of alleged fraud.

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Citation From the October 19, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's Outside the Beltway

Vieira has also appeared repeatedly on the show of QAnon influencer RedPill78 to promote the app.

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Citation From the October 4, 2022, edition of Red Pill News