Tucker Carlson says immigrants have “plundered” American wealth and warns that “they are coming” for more

Tucker Carlson says immigrants have “plundered” American wealth and warns that “they are coming” for more


From the May 21 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It goes without saying that functioning societies don't operate like this. Countries that care about their people enforce their own laws. Our leaders are decadent and narcissistic. They care only about themselves. They will never defend our nation. That's obvious and the rest of the world knows it. The American piñata has been getting pummeled for decades and now it has finally come apart. Our national wealth is up for grabs by whomever gets here first, and they are coming. Over just the past year, 1% of the entire population of the nation of Guatemala has moved to the United States. A Wall Street Journal piece last month described the plight of that country's villages. Some of them are literally depopulating as people stream north to America's generous welfare state. Meanwhile a new study from the Federation for Immigration Reform, FAIR, given exclusively to this show, shows the scale on which the United States is being plundered.

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