Alex Jones: If Democrats lose the midterms, people like James Clapper should consider shooting themselves in the head

Alex Jones: If Democrats lose the midterms, people like James Clapper should consider shooting themselves in the head

Jones appears to have added a jump cut to his broadcast to claim he wishes “no harm upon these scumbags”


From the May 23 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): The tide has turned, the deep state’s back is broken and we have a very good opportunity, once these folks are routed out and prosecuted, to really reform all the illegal spying and the new royalty that has been set up in Washington, D.C. And the people that are so arrogant that they say, “Oh, we were spying on Trump.” [Former Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper said this on The View, “We were spying on Trump for his own good.” After you lied to Congress and said you weren't. Did you lie to Congress for our own good too?

He just disintegrated on The View. And Joy Behar went further. She said, “Well, America and the Trump campaign should be thankful that you were spying on him.” These guys have the stink of failure and the stink of implosion about them, don’t they? Oh, you want to see people locked up? There’s a different sheriff in town and I can guarantee you that when we’re done, these people are all going to be totally humiliated and they’re going to have choices. They’re either going to go to prison, or they can get in a bathtub and slit their wrist. Within, I’d say, six months when they lose those midterms, they’ll be given the ultimatum: We’re ready to destroy you publicly and have a full war. Tear you apart, to quote [Trump lawyer Rudy] Giuliani or you need to start sucking on the barrel of a big old fat juicy firearm. Just saying.


JONES: And I wish no harm upon these scumbags. And they’re so arrogant they’ve got some of the personnel to do it to launch some false flags. But they’re too scared to give the orders themselves because they know they’re compromised now, and they know they’re being watched now.


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