Fox News pushes FBI-Obama story hours after it was debunked

Fox News pushes FBI-Obama story hours after it was debunked

The WSJ has reported that these texts were not about the Clinton investigation


From the February 7 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

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ED HENRY: The Wall Street Journal is saying that what they were texting about was then-President Barack Obama late in 2016 wanting to know about Russian interference in the election and not about the Clinton email probe. That is still up for debate.


September 2016, on the eve of the presidential election, but also this exchange happened shortly after FBI Director, then-Director James Comey, shut down the Clinton email probe after Strzok had helped him write the exoneration statement that changed the language from “Clinton was grossly negligent” to she was merely “extremely careless.”


WSJ debunks Murdoch-fueled conspiracy theory on FBI texts and Obama

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