Fox defends Trump by attacking Haiti

Fox defends Trump by attacking Haiti

Lou Dobbs: "What has happened to all of the aid that the U.S. government has sent to Haiti over the past quarter century?"


From the January 12 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): The Dem[ocrats]s, they're grandstanding, doing their apparent best to ignore the president's fundamental point -- what has happened to all of the aid that the U.S. government has sent to Haiti over the past quarter century?

How was that money spent? Whose pocket did it line? What happened to all the United Nations aid, all the aid and money that American churches and charities donated to Haitians in that time?

And why should any president, but particularly this one, have to put up with the self-serving ignorance of the Dem[ocrat]s and the left, who call Mr. Trump a "racist" because he questioned why all that aid hasn't been enough to diminish, if not eliminate horribly persistent poverty.

President Trump shouldn't put up with that disrespect, that ignorance, in my opinion, and shouldn't put up with it on the part of any elected officials, whether Republican or Democrat -- and certainly not those who rush from the White House after meeting with him to leak to the left-wing media.


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