Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Doesn't Believe Whites Are The Majority In America

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Doesn't Believe Whites Are The Majority In America

Dobbs: "Well No, I Don't Think We Are, Really"


From the July 27 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Looking at Black Lives Matter demonstrating here. Black Lives Matter is effectively a hate group, and it's discriminatory by its very name.


JUAN WILLIAMS: When it comes to Black Lives Matter, Lou, I think people are trying to say in addition to the idea that white lives and upper income lives matter, poor black lives do matter. That's not a racist statement.

DOBBS: I think that shorthand is not applicable in discussions where we're talking about the worth and the value of life. In this country is -- always celebrated, it's a fundamental value, the value of life. And that means all lives, all Americans. And I wouldn't tolerate something called White Lives Matter.

WILLIAMS: Well no, but whites are the majority.

DOBBS: Well, no, I don't think we are, really.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, you are the majority.

DOBBS: I don't think we are, but the fact of the matter is --

WILLIAMS: I think you are.

DOBBS: Well OK, I'll be glad to be part of the minority or a majority, as long as I am an American.


DOBBS: That should be the attitude of everyone.


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