MSNBC contributor: "Donald Trump is living in a world... fed by the conservative media hysteria"

MSNBC contributor: "Donald Trump is living in a world... fed by the conservative media hysteria"

Jeremy Peters: The president "marinates" in "a narrative built up on a single cable news network" that Robert Mueller is "politically tainted"


From the December 21 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Jeremy Peters, talk about the discomfort on the Hill that some senior Republicans have at some of the more junior members attacking the men and women at the FBI and going after an American war hero, Bob Mueller. Talk about the discomfort that some Republicans are feeling. 

JEREMY PETERS: Well, what they'll say privately, Joe, is the same thing they said after Trump's attacks on Judge [Gonzalo] Curiel: That this is an unwarranted, and really constitutionally dangerous, attack by somebody on an independent branch of government. An independent entity in the government. And it violates the separations that are supposed to exist. To [Susan Del Percio's] point about Mueller and how he doesn't care, that may be true, but you know who else doesn't care? Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is living in a world right now that is fed by the conservative media hysteria over Bob Mueller and his alleged ties to Democrats, the attorneys who work for him who've donated to Democrats. This has been a narrative that has built up on a single cable news network, and in the conservative radio sphere, over the last several months. That is, "This man cannot be trusted. He is politically tainted, and therefore unable to objectively investigate the president." That this is a "witch hunt," and Donald Trump marinates in that all day long. He hears it on Hannity, he hears it on Laura Ingraham, in Breitbart. It is inescapable for him. And it's hard for me to imagine that eventually that doesn't affect his thinking and his judgment. 


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