Video: Right-wing media call Mueller's investigation a coup against Trump

Video: Right-wing media call Mueller's investigation a coup against Trump

Since Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel, right-wing media have worked overtime to delegitimize the investigation

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Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel on May 17. Since then, right-wing media have repeatedly called the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election (and a few related issues) a coup against Donald Trump. Watch:


Jesse Watters Says We May ‘Have a Coup on Our Hands in America’


Why the anti-Mueller sentiment on Fox keeps getting worse

Sean Hannity has really gone off the rails lately, but it's earned him a new fan: Alex Jones

Fox contributor Mike Huckabee claims FBI officials intended "to stage what essentially amounts to a coup d'etat" against Trump

Rush Limbaugh revives conspiracy theory that Mueller investigation is "a silent coup" to get rid of Trump

Lou Dobbs unhinged over Flynn: Russia probe is a "parade of nonsense," "subversion" by the left

Rush Limbaugh: Former intelligence chiefs are conducting a "silent coup" against Trump

Alex Jones: There is a plot to install Robert Mueller as “the first king of America”

Pro-Trump One America News Network: Report reveals Obama aides "plotted a coup against President Trump

Alex Jones: Trump needs to get into a bunker right now and declare himself the victim of a coup attempt

Rush Limbaugh conspiracy theory: "Leftists" are soliciting retired generals to possibly "lead a rebellion"

Rush Limbaugh: "We're in the midst of a silent coup" by the GOP establishment to try "to take this president out"

Lou Dobbs: The media is aiding a "coup d'etat against Trump"

Jesse Watters: "What's happening right now is a coup against the will of the American people"

Sean Hannity: "A soft coup is underway" against Trump with "sinister forces quickly aligning"

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