WSJ's Mary Kissel: The FBI should be investigating the "crime" of leaking Michael Flynn's name being leaked to the press

WSJ's Mary Kissel: The FBI should be investigating the "crime" of leaking Michael Flynn's name being leaked to the press

Kissel: "The one thing we do know is that Robert Mueller needs a scalp ... to roll out in front of the cameras and look like he's actually achieving something"


From the December 1 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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MARY KISSEL: My question is, is the FBI investigating what we found out in the first place, which was how Michael Flynn's name was leaked it to the press? Which is the only crime, other than this perjury, that we know about so far. Everything else is speculation. But personally, I would like to know how the FBI got the warrant to listen in on that conversation that Michael Flynn had with the Russian ambassador, and who leaked that name to the press? Because that is a crime.

MELISSA FRANCIS: Yeah, I mean, you asked the question. Do we have any idea if that's being investigated? I don't know, do we?

KISSEL: I don't think we do know that yet, but again, you're going to hear a lot of speculation today, I think, about did Michael Flynn give somebody up, why isn't there evidence of treason here, who could be the next one to fall. That's all speculation. I think we have to talk about the facts. He perjured himself, according to this deal, and his name was leaked and that was a crime. And that should be investigated.


So again, not surprised that the FBI called him out in a lie here, but I am wondering if the FBI is investigating this other crime that we know about, and that really hasn't been talked about very much by the mainstream press.

FRANCIS: One of the major talking points that I have heard so far this morning is that idea that so far is that this plea deal indicates that he is cooperating, in terms of someone else. In your mind, does it necessarily indicate that? Does it -- I mean, it could indicate that he feels like he has been caught dead to rights, and he thinks this is the best deal that he can get. Would the FBI make a deal, would they make a deal if he wasn't turning over someone else?

KISSEL: Well, the short answer is we don't know. The one thing we do know is that Robert Mueller needs a scalp because this investigation has been ongoing for months, and there has been absolutely no evidence turned up of any so-called "treasonous" activity between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. So, I think it's important for the prosecutor to find somebody to roll out in front of the cameras and look like he's actually achieving something. We will know in the coming weeks and months if Flynn has given the somebody else up. But, for now, all we know is he was caught perjuring himself and the crime of his name leaked to the press still hasn't been investigated.


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