Jeffrey Lord says his use of Nazi salute is okay because Media Matters is just like the Nazis

Jeffrey Lord says his use of Nazi salute is okay because Media Matters is just like the Nazis

Really. Lord argues that nonprofit watchdog is just like the Nazis


From the September 5 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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JEFFREY LORD: I was fired from CNN for mocking Nazi-style tactics from Media Matters against -- when I knew perfectly well that these tactics have been used against --

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Yeah, explain what happened. I mean, this is one of the reasons I'm against Twitter, because it seems like it's designed to create problems like this.

LORD: Yeah.

CARLSON: You tweeted something that looked really ugly out of context. Explain what the context was for that.

LORD: It was -- the context was I had written a column condemning Media Matters and their latest venture to stop Sean Hannity, and had used the sentence in there that the American Spectator was unable to confirm that Media Matters draft -- redrafting of the First Amendment had ended with the two words, "Sieg heil."

I used those on Twitter, CNN immediately took it the wrong way, and I'm not sure -- I mean, you know, they have the right to hire and fire whoever they want, but I'm not sure they understood that I was aware that this group had been -- gone after a businessman in Rye, New York, a gentleman by the name of Mark Stevens, who by the way is Jewish, and terrorized his business. I spoke with Mr. Stevens again today, and --

CARLSON: Wait, just -- so just -- just to be clear, hold on -- you were using that -- you were using that term as a way of accusing them of using fascist tactics.

LORD: To mock them.

CARLSON: You were not endorsing that term.

LORD: Correct, to mock them. I mean, Tucker, I believe that it's okay to mock people who use Nazi-style tactics, to mock Nazis, white separatists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis. These people have no role in our American civil society, and I found it interesting that the president was being accused of not calling out people by name. I called out people by name and I got fired for it.


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