On The Bill Press Show, Angelo Carusone Notes How Fox Co-President Bill Shine Was Involved In Covering Up Harassment And Retaliating Against O'Reilly Accusers

Carusone: Fox News Co-President Bill Shine Is A Roger Ailes Protégé Who Is The "Vestige Of This Industrial-Scale Sexual Harassment" At Fox


From the April 21 edition of Free Speech TV's The Bill Press Show:

PETER OGBURN (HOST): Bill O'Reilly is gone.


OGBURN: End of an era at Fox News.

CARUSONE: It certainly is, almost. There's one still vestige of this industrial-scale sexual harassment in Roger Ailes there and that's the co-president that resigned his contract just three weeks ago, and that's Bill Shine.

OGBURN: Tell me about that.

CARUSONE: He is sort of the big -- the last piece of this is that when Roger Ailes, when all the reports against Roger Ailes last summer came out, more than two dozen, the person that -- whose name kept coming up was Bill Shine, who was an executive at the time. He kind of was -- he sort of was a protege of Roger Ailes. And he was involved in sort of retaliation and covering up against these women. And when the reports against Bill O'Reilly came up, his name came up again because he had also been involved in the retaliation against these women. He is the co-president of Fox News.

OGBURN: I think a lot of people tried to shine -- shine a light on him, on Bill Shine, as saying like he's the not the Roger Ailes guy, he's going to get Fox News back into shape after Roger Ailes leaves.


OGBURN: He's going to restore some integrity into the network --

CARUSONE: That's right.

OGBURN: -- and how long did that last?

CARUSONE: And not at all. 

OGBURN: Just a couple of months?

CARUSONE: That's right. The reason they were doing it was they wanted to assuage both their audience and their associates that Fox wasn't going to become radical lefty outlet, right? And that was a big part of it, but ultimately -- I mean, Bill O'Reilly going is important because there was this notion that they were never going to hold him accountable.

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