Angelo Carusone Tells Roland Martin That Fox Rewarded O'Reilly For "Misogyny, Preying On Racial Anxieties, And Misinformation"

Carusone: Fox News Had To Be "Forced" To Fire O'Reilly


From the April 20 edition of TV One's News One Now:

MEDIA MATTERS PRESIDENT ANGELO CARUSONE: [Bill O’Reilly’s] business model was misogyny, preying on racial anxieties and misinformation, and he was actually rewarded for that at Fox News. I mean, this was not a decision that Fox News made on their own volition. They were forced to do this. Just three weeks ago they re-signed his contract. They knew not just about all of the reports from these women, but had actively worked to cover them up and silence them, and re-signed a contract anyway. They needed to be forced by outside groups led by people in the Women’s March, consumer groups like Sleeping Giants and civil rights advocacy groups like Color of Change.


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