Fox Hosts Are Angry That Homeland Has Stopped Showing Muslims In Negative Light

Fox Hosts Are Angry That Homeland Has Stopped Showing Muslims In Negative Light

Bob Beckel: Muslims Shouldn't "Bitch About A TV Show," They Should "Talk About What's Wrong With A Certain Segment" Of Their Community


From the April 17 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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BOB BECKEL (CO-HOST): This goes back to something I've been saying for years. You probably wouldn't have to worry about a TV show if you are in the Muslim community if your leaders and Muslim countries had the guts to stand up and be counted against ISIS, had the courage to commit, except for a few exceptions, their military, Saudi Arabia for example. Every time something like this happens, Muslim leaders, the clerics particularly, go underground and say nothing. Until you have the courage to say something, don't bitch about a TV show. Go out and talk about what's wrong with a certain segment of your religious, if you want to call it that, community. 


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