Fox's Tucker Carlson: It's "Likely" That "Intel Agencies Were Surveilling People Associated With The Trump Campaign"

Fox's Tucker Carlson: It's "Likely" That "Intel Agencies Were Surveilling People Associated With The Trump Campaign"


From the March 16 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Tucker, I was taken by the statement issued today by Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr and the vice chair of that panel Mark Warner, because they talked about surveillance. They did not talk about wiretapping. They said there was no evidence of surveillance. That's all inclusive. So the question for you is, when you sit with President Trump and he says to you we've got more coming, Tucker, you know what, we’ve got stuff. Just wait. What do you think he's talking about? 

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, that's a conversation that we had off camera on the flight to Detroit yesterday and I pressed the same, that’s why I wanted the interview in the first place, because I was disquieted by his March 4th tweet. Because, having lived here all my life, I think it's entirely plausible, indeed likely, that Intel agencies were surveilling people associated with the Trump campaign but when he made that claim I felt he had a moral obligation to back it up with evidence. He is, after all the president, and so I pressed him on this, a lot. He said we have this information. I said can you tell me? No, we have to wait. And so, like every citizen, no matter what side you’re on politically, I'm hoping to get to the bottom of that. I think it matters. It's not enough to dismiss it as crazy. It's a real thing and of concern to all of us. You don't want police state stuff going on in your own country, come on now.


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