Former Bush Advisor On CNN: "Citing Julian Assange Is Just Offensive I Think To The Intelligence Community"


From the January 4 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): Jeremy, let me start with you because I know you believe Trump's behavior slamming the intelligence community's conclusion again and again and again, that Russia hacked the U.S. Election means the U.S. is headed for a pretty big national security crisis. 

JEREMY BASH: I do Erin, and I served alongside CIA officers out at Langley. All of them have dedicated their lives to collecting intelligence. Many have risked their lives, and some have even lost their lives to go into harm's way to collect intelligence and to bring the fight to our adversaries. And this is not the thanks that they should be getting. They should be listened to. Their analysis can be challenged behind closed doors, I think that's entirely appropriate. But they should not be slammed publicly. And I think it really does set up a big crisis because if the president-elect who’s going to raise his right hand and become the number-one cyber target in the world two Fridays from now, if he doesn't listen to the intelligence community, he's going to be targeted by China, by North Korea, by Iran, and by Russia and when he disbelieves his professionals, he's going to be defenseless. 

BURNETT: What do you say Dan? Is there anything in Trump's interest to humiliate the national intelligence? 

DAN SENOR: No, no no no. Look, it seems to me he seems frustrated that there's this narrative that somehow his election was illegitimate because there are these allegations that there was hacking by a foreign power who may have had an interest in the outcome of the election. But that could be easily addressed saying something like of course if there was hacking or meddling in our election we should get to the bottom of it, I look forward to the briefings from the intelligence community, I'm very concerned about it, but any notion that the American voters were unwitting tools of some foreign power this election is absurd and I just don't believe that these millions of Americans who stood up and voted for change, their votes shouldn't in any way be delegitimized by accusations of hacking. So I think you can strike a balance. You can raise questions and be open minded to the intelligence, which he's not doing and should do. 

BURNETT: But that's not what he's done. Again and again he's saying it wasn't Russia, it wasn't Russia. 

SENOR: I agree. And then also of course, citing Julian Assange is just offensive I think to the intelligence community as Jeremy is saying and to policymakers on both side of the aisle. 


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