National Review's Rich Lowry: "I Don't Think [Trump] Goes Far Enough" On Immigration

Lowry: "If We Didn't Have Immigration Tomorrow The Country Would Still Be Great"


From February 4 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): A fine performance there by Donald Trump, Rich Lowry, wouldn't you say?

RICH LOWRY: Certainly, fine as far as it goes, and actually speaks to Trump's family background, he had of immigrant stock, grandfather and father who worked very hard in this country --

DOBBS: So why is the National Review trying to kill his candidacy? 

LOWRY: I don't think -- 

DOBBS: Why are you going after him, trying to suffocate him? 

LOWRY: I don't think he goes far enough in some respects though, Lou. Because for forty or fifty years after World War II, we basically had no net immigration to this country, and this country was still great. 

DOBBS: Without -- 

LOWRY: Yeah.

DOBBS: Without net immigration?

LOWRY: Yeah, and if we didn't have any immigration tomorrow the country would still be great.


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