Bill Kristol Dismisses GOP Strategist Navarro On Border Crisis: "You're Not Quite As Republican As Me"


From the July 13 edition of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos:

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ANA NAVARRO, ABC NEWS CONTRIBUTOR AND REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: There is not one cause for what is causing this. It's a perfect storm of push factors in Central America that include the violence, that include the poverty and pull factors here that being exploited and taken advantage of by an organized criminal ring of human smugglers that are misrepresenting U.S. policy. Taking advantage of parents. Getting them to cobble together $6-$7,000 to put their kids in these trains, and in this transport system to get them here when, in fact, there is no such pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for these kids.

So it is important for the president to clarify that the misrepresentation that is going on, on purpose, by criminal forces in Central America is not so. That's why it would have been important for him to go to the border. I have spoken to Republican and Democrat congresspeople, and people in the White House, who have been to the shelters. Who have been to the border. And listening to the kids, listening to the people running those shelters gives you a very unique perspective of what the actual problems on the ground are. I wish he had done it.

DAVID PLOUFFE, ABC NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: But this Republican argument, that this situation is caused because we're not sending DREAM kids home, it's preposterous. It's not based in reality. And so, if that's the message, which fine, if that's the Republican message we want to start sending all these --

NAVARRO: Did you just hear me? Did you just hear me make that argument?

PLOUFFE: I heard you --


PLOUFFE: You made a great argument.

NAVARRO: Well, I'm as Republican as Bill Kristol is.

PLOUFFE: You made a great argument.

BILL KRISTOL, ABC NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You know, you're not quite as Republican as me.

NAVARRO: I'm not quite as old a Republican as you, but I'm just as much of a Republican.


PLOUFFE: The Republican message is that we've stopped deporting DREAM kids.

KRISTOL: Amnesty is a magnet; that has been the Republican message. People from the White House have been scoffing at that. How childish a view is that? Well, what is happening on the border right now?


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