GOP-backed Senate candidate Lauren Witzke frequently shares content from white nationalist site VDare

Witzke has also twice thanked anti-Semitic commentator Faith Goldy for her support

An image of Lauren Witzke on WMDT

Update (9/28/20): VDare founder and editor Peter Brimelow responded to this article by stating that he just donated the maximum allowed amount to Lauren Witzke’s campaign “because she supports #TotalImmigrationMoratoriumNow.” Witzke replied twice, thanking the white nationalist

U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke has frequently shared content from VDare, a leading white nationalist site that also pushes anti-Semitism. Witzke, a QAnon supporter who also has the backing of the Delaware Republican Party, has additionally twice thanked anti-Semitic commentator Faith Goldy for supporting her campaign. 

Witzke is a Republican who is running a longshot campaign against Democratic incumbent Sen. Chris Coons. She has expressed support for QAnon and recently defended the conspiracy theory as “just a bunch of people who want pedophiles held accountable and from what I understand it’s absolutely harmless.” In reality, the conspiracy theory has been repeatedly linked to acts of violence and the FBI has labeled it a potential domestic terror threat.  

In an interview with Delaware Public Media, Delaware Republican Party Chair Jane Brady praised Witzke, stating: “She's shown great energy, she's very bright, and she's worked very hard. And she's earned the support of the party." The party also kept its endorsement after Witzke posted an anti-abortion meme celebrating the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Brady criticized Witzke’s post but said she wouldn’t disavow her). 

Following her September 15 GOP primary victory, Witzke thanked Faith Goldy for supporting her campaign. Goldy is a white supremacist and an anti-Semite. Witzke previously thanked her in May after the white supremacist said that an endorsement Witzke received from Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) was “well deserved.” (Goldy has also done commentaries for VDare.) Additionally, Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt reported that after her victory, Witzke “thanked white nationalist and anti-Semitic podcaster Nick Fuentes, who congratulated her on the victory. She also shared congratulations on Twitter from far-right users, including Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks, far-right columnist Michelle Malkin, white nationalist organization VDARE, and far-right Twitter account Columbia Bugle.” 

One of Witzke’s main policy plans is “a full 10-year moratorium on all immigration,” a proposal that VDare supports.

VDare is a white nationalist site that heavily attacks immigrants. The Southern Poverty Law Center states that it “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.” 

VDare publishes posts that carry such headlines as: “One Problem With These Hispanic Immigrants Is Their Disgusting Behavior,” “Indians Aren't That Intelligent (On Average),” “Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Hispanic Immigrants Taking Over FBI’s Ten Most Wanted,” “America Does Not Need ANY Immigrants From Africa,” and “Roll Over, JIHAD—There’s Also HIJRA, Muslim Conquest By Immigration.”

Witzke has frequently promoted VDare content on Twitter. Here are seven examples: 

Lauren Witzke and VDare: April 2
Lauren Witzke and VDare: April 10
Lauren Witzke and VDare: April 20
Lauren Witzke and VDare: June 1
Lauren Witzke and VDare: August 31
Lauren Witzke and VDare: September 17
Lauren Witzke and VDare: September 21

In May, Witzke also shared a piece promoting her candidacy on the site The Red Elephants and thanked the racist outlet for covering her campaign. The Anti-Defamation League has stated that the site “promotes conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic beliefs and white supremacist mantras. Beyond the virtual world, those associated with the Red Elephants have participated in rightwing and explicitly white supremacist rallies and demonstrations.”  

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer recently reported on Witzke’s history, including that on Pinterest, she’s “tagged images purporting to explain the structures of the Illuminati, promoting various 9/11 conspiracy theories, claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged, and even one, illustrated with Israeli flags, suggesting that the Jewish Rothschild family had advance warning of 9/11.” 

Jared Holt also previously reported that “Witzke’s then-campaign manager Michael Sisco displayed an affinity for far-right figures and anti-Semites, and had once proposed implementing royal rule in the United States as a means of driving Jews out of positions of power. Since our reporting, Sisco appears to have left Witzke’s campaign team.”