There have been numerous examples of QAnon-related violence. A Fox host wrongly claimed no such examples exist

There has been at least one murder linked to QAnon and the FBI has identified the conspiracy theory as a domestic terror threat.

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Citation From the August 20, 2020 edition of Fox News' The Five 

JUAN WILLIAMS (HOST): The reality is that Democrats are not responsible for some violent anarchists no more than Donald Trump is responsible for QAnon violence or Proud Boy violence. 

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): QAnon violence! There is none! That's funny. You are hilarious. 

As Media Matters has previously documented:

The QAnon movement was name-checked in a leaked May 2019 FBI document highlighting the emergence of conspiracy theory-fueled domestic terrorism threats, and devotees have committed a number of murders, engaged in armed standoffs, and made politically motivated death threats. QAnon followers have vandalized churchestaken police on high-speed chases, and in one case, conspired with fellow followers to commit kidnapping.

Update (9:00 p.m.): This post has been updated with additional information about QAnon-linked violence.