The Blaze's Allie Beth Stuckey: “Most of our problems in society” are “caused by premarital and extramarital sex”

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Citation From Turning Point USA's June 8, 2024, Young Women's Leadership Summit, streamed on Rumble

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY (GUEST SPEAKER): Don't live with your boyfriend or your fiancé before you get married. Statistically, you are far more likely to break up or to divorce if you do. Not everyone, of course, but that is statistically true. Plus, you are giving him all of the milk without having to buy the cow, you are playing wife without him really having to play husband. 

The truth is, and this is uncomfortable and unpopular to say, most of our problems in society, most of our problems, a huge portion of problems in society are caused by premarital and extramarital sex. Fatherlessness, abortion, all kinds of sexual depravity, even gender confusion are caused by a culture that prioritizes irresponsible and perverted sex. That is the truth.