White Fox Guest: “There Is Very Little Evidence Of Classic Racism Any Longer”

Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald: “What We Really Have In Most Institutions Today Is Reverse Racism”

From the December 2 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The word racist was thrown around so much that there is a debate on what it means. But I think one definition that everyone can agree on is this: If the government were to punish people on the basis of an immutable characteristic such as their skin color and really punish them -- in hiring, in contracting, in admissions -- that would be racist, right? I mean by definition, wouldn't it?

HEATHER MACDONALD: Right, and I think where you're going is that we now have reverse racism. 

CARLSON: No, it doesn't sound reverse. It seems pretty straightforward. And is that the definition?

MACDONALD: Well sure. But there is very little evidence of classic racism any longer, which is why clever civil rights attorneys have come up with this concept called disparate impact discrimination, which forgoes finding any actual evidence of discrimination. It just says if you have a race neutral policy that somehow is viewed as having a disparate impact on blacks, you're guilty of racism. What we really have in most institutions today is reverse racism. You have every selective college in the United States practicing reverse discrimination and allowing black and Hispanic students to be admitted with academic qualifications that would automatically disqualify a white or Asian student. 


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