Watch Tucker Carlson’s disingenuous claims of conservatives being censored get called out by his guest

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Citation From the November 12, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

NADINE STROSSEN: Tucker, I certainly agree with all of your criticism of the censorship incidents that you documented, which are all coming from the left, but there are many that are coming from the right, which you did not allude to.  

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Really? What -- I would be interested -- I would be interested in hearing that.

STROSSEN: Yes, you -- It's interesting, you talked about book burning. There was recently an incident of book burning on campus. It was at Georgia State University, where conservative students, self-described conservative students, burned a book by an immigrant author from -- she was Latina, and they said it was too politically correct, and it was too sensitive to a --

CARLSON: The students -- the students burned the books.

STROSSEN: The students burned the book.

CARLSON: Right, yeah, no, I mean -- I mean people -- I mean, people in charge of something? So -- 

STROSSEN: Can I give you another example because it was very recent.

CARLSON: Yeah absolutely, of someone -- of someone in charge of something, committing an act of censorship from the right, I would love to see it.

STROSSEN: Donald Trump Jr. was recently disrupted when he tried to speak along with your former colleague at Fox News, his girlfriend. They were speaking about his new book -- or trying to -- at UCLA, and they were disrupted by conservatives, who were upset that apparently his views are not conservative enough. So I think we have to be -- those of us who are truly committed to free speech have to criticize disruption and censorship from wherever it comes.


STROSSEN: There is a prominent conservative who happens to be the commander-in-chief and president of United States, who has certainly used his bully pulpit to --

CARLSON: Name somebody he's -- he's had fired --

STROSSEN: -- stir a lot of retaliatory pressure against football players who were exercising their right to protest and suggesting that they should not be allowed to do that anymore.