Tucker Carlson responds to Christchurch massacre by warning it could lead to “calls in this country for curbs on free speech”

From the March 15 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Already tonight, you are hearing calls in this country for curbs on free speech in response to the New Zealand massacre. Jeff Bezos' newspaper wasted no time in blaming the entire thing of free flow of ideas that are, quote, “spreading hate.” For the censorship class, more control is always the solution. Ban more people, squelch more ideas, go deplatform someone.

A writer at the Chicago Tribune almost immediately blamed Fox News for what happened in Christchurch. You can see what's coming, it's already happening, but it won't work. Censorship does not make us safer. Instead, it drives forbidden ideas under ground where they fester and explode.

If you really wanted to stop horrifying acts of violence like the one we just saw in New Zealand, like the ones we have seen repeatedly over the past five or six years, you would take an honest look at what the West has become.

It is a place where the church has died. A place where a foolish ruling class calls itself God, a place where the people wither.

Its hallmarks are fatherlessness, addiction, mental illness, evaporating social trust, and the widespread nihilism you would expect as a result of all of that.

This is the society that our ruling class built.

Talking about why it doesn't work is a threat to their power, so they shut down that conversation.


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