The View panel skewers Tucker Carlson's latest sexist rant 

Joy Behar: “There is this idea to keep women down that's going on in the country. This is just another aspect of it.”

From the January 3 edition of ABC's The View:

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WHOPPI GOLDBERG (CO-HOST): A lot of Americans also think that women making more money in the workplace is a good thing, but Tucker Carlson kind of said he didn't think so. 


GOLDBERG: Let's start with the fact that he says women don't want to be with men who make less than them. 

JOY BEHAR (CO-HOST): Well, everybody I know, all the women I know, practically, all make more money than their husbands. 

ABBY HUNTSMAN (CO-HOST): I'd be thrilled to make more than my husband. I will say this before we get into that topic because I anchored a show with Tucker. I sat at a table just like I do with you ladies. And this goes -- this is so different than the Tucker that I know. Anyone that's worked closely with him. Like he was so supportive of my career and wanted me to succeed. He's also a big proponent of marriage and families. That is probably the biggest thing for him, but he was always great to anyone he worked with, people of different backgrounds, immigrants. He loved helping them out. So if you know Tucker personally, you would say he has a heart of gold. 

BEHAR: I don't see what good that is when he's promoting this bad stuff to millions of people. 

HUNTSMAN: I'm just saying it goes against the person that I know. 

SUNNY HOSTIN (CO-HOST): You think he's just doing this for ratings and theater and -- 

MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): If you watch the whole clip, which I did, it was like a -- because I watched it a few times. It like kind of a convoluted way of talking about big government versus small government and the role of economics. But -- the messaging on this is confusing to me because is the patriarchy in charge and men are controlling everything, [or] are we as women controlling everything because we're making so much money? All the messages are confusing, and I didn't follow this clip at all. But I will say that it was a pleasure working with Tucker Carlson on my behalf as well. 

BEHAR: I think that there's this idea that -- to keep women down that's going on in the country. This is just another aspect of it. 


HOSTIN: When I did some research, what was interesting to me is that in 40 percent of households, American households, women are the primary breadwinner, and 37 percent out-earn their partners and 63 percent in those households are single moms, yet in the U.S., women still make so much less money than men. And so in this country -- and especially black women earn 63 cents to every dollar a white man makes.

BEHAR: He doesn't want to talk about that. 

HOSTIN: So we have real problems in this country when women -- single moms are the breadwinners, yet we still are making so much less money than them. 


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