Tucker tells his black guest he understands his struggle with racism because “I'm an American”

Carlson: “I’m an American ... don’t pull that crap on me”

From the September 20 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): First and most obvious, there's no way these 8-year-olds decided to do this by themselves. Eight-year-olds are not that political. So who is using them to make a political statement like that? Adults. That's of course wrong, just like those videos of kids swearing at Donald Trump were wrong. Really? Keep the kids out of it. What message are the adults sending, by the way? They aren't actually saying anything specific about police brutality or any other issue. These kids are being used to attack a symbol of the country itself. The point they're making, or the adults behind all this are making is that America is illegitimate. And if that's what they're learning when they grow up, why will they care about this country, about defending it in a war, for example, or paying taxes or following the law. Why would you do any of those things if the country is illegitimate? And what does that mean for our future? These kids are the future, just like those loopy college kids you see on the show once in a while. What's this country going to be like in 30 years when they're in control and have been taught all this nonsense? It's terrifying.


FREDDIE MITCHELL: The oppression that African-Americans and other races are getting in America, it's bad. And America, I think, it can be great again if you stop the racial profiling, if you stop a lot of things that’s happening in America and really stand for -- we can both stand now.

CARLSON: It just seems like an overstatement. And I understand people are upset about specific cases where people are killed by the police.

MITCHELL: But Tucker you could never understand, you could never understand, because you don’t live it.

CARLSON: Well, actually I can understand because I am an American, OK, whatever. I am an American. 

MITCHELL: Tucker, Tucker, Tucker –

CARLSON: Hey, slow down. 

MITCHELL: You can whatever me, though. But check this out --

CARLSON: I’m an American and I have -- don’t pull that crap on me.

MITCHELL: It’s not no crap. But, look at, Tucker --

CARLSON: I’m telling you I understand that some things are upsetting.

MITCHELL: You can understand that but I live it though.


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