Tucker Carlson's solution to California's overcrowded prisons: Deportation

Carlson asks “Why not deport” undocumented people in California's overcrowded prisons

From the September 7 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The primary role of the state is to protect the law abiding from the law breaking. So, the first job of the prisons is not to make the prisoners better, it's to protect the rest of us from the prisoners, and it's not doing that. But I actually have a solution to California prison overcrowding and I'm sure you would agree with it. A huge percentage of California inmates are foreign nationals, they're from Mexico and Central America. Why not deport them?


CARLSON: That's all great, and I'm for free ice cream and ponies for everybody but if you can't afford to keep people locked up, dangerous people -- California, for example, won't tell us, the public, what percentage of its inmates are foreign nationals. Why is that? Oh, I'll tell you why. Because illegal aliens are a massive political bloc in California and they've got politicians in their pocket and they're being protected by politicians. But why shouldn't I, as a native Californian, have a right to know what percentage of the prison population is not American citizens?


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