Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller peddles more bad polling news for Obama

Here's the DC headline:

Presidential approval ratings dip to all-time low as Obama moves to sell health care

Well, that doesn't sound good for Obama. The Daily Caller's proof? Rasmussen (surprise!), and some survey that only polled Iowa independents. No joke:

A new poll from Iowa-based Selzer and Company shows that since November, Obama's approval rating among Iowa independents dropped sharply from 48 to 38 percent — reaching its lowest level yet.

Similarly, Rasmussen Reports' latest release of its nightly automated tracking poll yesterday showed that the number of people who “strongly approve” of the president's performance reached an all-time low of 22 percent, down from a high of 45 at the beginning of his presidency.

Conservatives, as well as mainstream journalists, love to push the idea that Obama's polling numbers are in the tank and that he's fading fast. (I think at this point Peggy Noonan dreams about Obama's supposedly dreadful approval rating.) It's all part of the preferred narrative that the presidency is slipping away from Obama, etc. etc.

But here's the truth about Obama's job approval ratings. If you look at Gallup, the polling gold standard, the president's approval rating has remained essentially unchanged since August. That's right, over the the past six months, Obama's poll numbers have not budged.

But that's not a tale the press wants to tell.

UPDATED: Right on cue comes Rush Limbaugh:

If Mr. Obama hasn't noticed, his approval numbers are in a free fall.